Q: Can I revert back to the old layout?

Yes. Click the pin icon  at the top of their boxes to have your Quick Notes and Notifications always show on your new tab.

Clicking the same unpin icon  the next time will unpin them to be toolbar buttons again. You can switch between these modes anytime you want.

Q: How can I open apps in a New Tab?

You have multiple ways:

  1. Middle mouse click the icon
  2. Ctrl + Left Click the icon (CMD + Left Click on Mac)
  3. Right click and choose "Open in New Tab"

Q: My icons are gone. What do I do?

Firstly, to restore your icons: go to Settings and hit the "Restore from Automatic Backup" button. 
To prevent it from happening in the future: You probaby use some kind of "cleaner" utility program that deleted the icon files (e.g. CCleaner, Norton Security, etc.). The images are stored inside: 

~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/File SystemYou'll have to whitelist that whole folder (or Chrome storage) so it doesn't get cleared.

Q: Can I set it as my homepage not just my new tab?


  1. Click the Chrome menu (top right corner), then select Settings.
  2. Under "Appearance" check the "Show Home button" box.
  3. Then click "Change" link and check the "Use the New Tab page" option

Q: How do I get notifications?

If you are logged into the website (e.g. etc.) notifications should show automatically. Please note that Facebook only supports Message notifications currently (not likes, mentions, etc.).

Q: Can I edit or remove apps?

Yes. Right click on an icon and You will have the option to 'Remove' or 'Edit'.

Q: Can I sync my settings, apps, notes between computers?

Yes. It is a manual process currently. To export & import your apps do the following:

On your Source computer

  1. Click the Settings  icon in the top left corner of your new tab
  2. Click the Export button
  3. Take your generated backup file to your destination computer

On your Destination computer

  1. Click the Settings  icon in the top left corner of your new tab
  2. Click the Import button
  3. Browse your saved backup file
  4. Done. Your apps now should appear on your Destination computer

Q: Can I create Folders for app icons?

Currently no. It's a planned feature.

Q: Can I log in to multiple Gmail accounts?

Currently it's not possible. To keep the app simple this is not on the roadmap as of yet.

Q: Can I set my own custom background?

Yes, click the Settings  icon in the top left corner of your new tab.

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