Bagel 2 years ago 0

This extension is very good except for a few major flaws. When I scroll through my apps, if I scroll once, it automatically scrolls through all screens so I can never manage to get to the middle app screen. Also, it's SO ANNOYING how it automatically makes Yahoo our browser! I want to use Chrome! When I open a new tab and instinctively start typing, it starts typing in the Home search bar. Meaning Yahoo. So every time I open a new tab, I have to click away to search. Adding onto this, the apps are super hard to move around and mess everything up when I try to move just one thing. Finally, (this bugs me the most!) the stupid Mail app icon always has notifications even when I have read the emails. I'm not talking about the overall notifications which you can clear, I'm talking about the Gmail app specifically. The notifications are always there! Please fix this! Very glitchy at times as well.