Very Very Very Buggy

Chloe Wood 2 years ago updated by Balázs Galambosi 2 years ago 2
  • When you right click on an icon half the time the pop up doesn't show up but the options do as text in the corner - VERY ANNOYING!
  • When you delete an icon it deletes the app from the Chromebook unless you work around it by when the Chromebook asks if you want to delete it (NOT the extension) press the little x
  • When you work around it like above it later pops right back up again!
  • Don't auto-add icons that we have to waste time deleting
  • Doesn't sync like Momentum so if you restart or sign in on a different computer you just lost your stuff
  • Default background is gloomy
  • Random name on top for weather widget
  • Have to go into another window for settings instead of just on the new tab
  • Needs options to disable things like Recently Closed or any parts deemed unnecessary

This is basically just a rage for me. I don't know how my friends put up with this.

Thank You Chloe,

I'm working on most of those issues to make Home better.

  • Right Click should no longer have the bug
  • auto import is still the same but I plan to make it optional
  • syncing will come as a paid feature (but there is export & import now!)
  • there are new beautiful backgrounds every day
  • you can set the weather location manually too now (automatic location is hard to do because we don't have your permission)

I like you friends ;)