Really nice app but it needs more

Aleksandar Stojanovic 2 years ago 0

Great extension, has potential to be even better. I really like the 
clean glass design. Will keep an eye out for it in the future. Here are some of my suggestions:
- option to toggle off notification space, notes and weather.
- option to resize tiles. (small, medium, large)
- option to combine tiles and lists similar to recently closed option (I have too many bookmarks)
- bigger space for tile names. (the default is too short imo)
- option to sort tiles into categories and name them. (for example Social media category where user will put fb, twitter, etc...)
- fix a bug when i try to remove a tile it does not show remove option.
- option to pick solid colour for tiles, transparency slider and option for search bar.

- it doesn't really need to open a separate tab when I click on options in my opinion.

Overall it really lacks customization in the options menu. If the app were to get a ton of customization options like infinity new tab for example, I would add it in a heartbeat. Other than that the best looking design so far.