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Google search, choose search engine

Richard Lewis 5 years ago updated by Balázs Galambosi 2 years ago 6 29 duplicates

Be able to pick our own search engine

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This should be an option eligible by the user. In particular, I do not like the full view, and I prefer the small panel. You should be able to choose between one option and the other.


Allow us to an option to chose the main Search Engine i can't stand Yahoo's god awful pattern of giving you Ad Featured searches more than anything else. otherwise great job.


Agree with this. Thos new tab page is fantastic but it should not control the addess bar. This is a huge issue as I have to press a lot moer keys and mouse clicks to do what I normally do with the chrome address bar.


Yes, please remove the terrible Yahoo search and replace it with google. If you're going to take cursor focus off of the omnibox and onto the home extension's search at least provide a descant search engine. Because of this issue, I'm removing home.

d00d! 100%!! that is why i am removing it. i am sick of searching using the bar and getting yahoo results. their search is pretty much useless and doesnt work for my job and an IT director. i cant deal with it anymore, i have tried to change it to the "http://www.google.com/search?q=%s" and removing yahoo altogether, but nothing works to get yahoo as far from my browser as possible so i have to remove this new page app. i loved everything but that, it was the greatest thing. i also agree that another window that would check a second gmail/365, would be nice.

but until they allow me the option to change the seach bar to an engine of my choice, then i wont reinstall it, which sucks cause i loved it other that that. i had to keep going to the real address bar, but i worked in full screen and the new tab extension was the best.