make the search bar google, not yelp

harriesl 3 years ago updated by James Haynes 2 years ago 1

make the bar google!

you mean yahoo, but yes, its obnoxious.

d00d! 100%!! that is why i am removing it. i am sick of searching using the bar and getting yahoo results. their search is pretty much useless and doesnt work for my job and an IT director. i cant deal with it anymore, i have tried to change it to the "http://www.google.com/search?q=%s" and removing yahoo altogether, but nothing works to get yahoo as far from my browser as possible so i have to remove this new page app. i loved everything but that, it was the greatest thing. i also agree that another window that would check a second gmail/365, would be nice.

but until they allow me the option to change the seach bar to an engine of my choice, then i wont reinstall it, which sucks cause i loved it other that that. i had to keep going to the real address bar, but i worked in full screen and the new tab extension was the best.